Our Coffee

Our CoffeeIt is no surprise to state that Western and Southern Europe loves their coffee. It is part of their culture from the very moment a parent takes their child to a coffee shop. The people, conversations, atmosphere, experiences and that constant aroma of coffee slowly becomes integral in that child over time and as natural as breathing.

With so much time spent in a coffee shop even the most lackadaisical of customers begin realising the differences between cups of coffee. The most astute of customers, however, can spend a lifetime looking for the perfect combination between the right coffee and the right barman. But most people are happy to have the consistency in taste, look and body of their coffee everytime they go to their favourite coffee shop.

At Mad Coffee Bar, we bring this pedigree with us to our little corner of Sutton. And, to be honest, we wouldn't know how to do it any different! It is part of us too.

Our coffee is called Delta Coffee. It is the biggest selling coffee brand in Portugal and one of the biggest in Brasil and Spain. It is a premium brand with history dating back to the 1960s. Its owner began with a small warehouse near Algarve and with only 2 roasting machines. He has succeesfully built an empire and millions of customers come back to his selection of blends everyday.

The blend we serve in Mad Coffee Bar is called Delta Diamond. This distinctive blend comes from selection of the best Arabica coffee from South America and Africa, characterised by their aroma, smoothness and good acidity, together with the balanced body of Robusta coffees, making it a fine and subtle drink. The sensory characteristics are due to distinctive roasting, to optimise characteristics such as flavour, acidity and aroma. A drink with full aroma and flavour and a distinctive coffee.

We invite you to come and try it, or even to have a taste of our other blends available.

We hope you enjoy your coffee...